Dragon Heart!

I have been travelling throughout the dimensions of existence for as long as I can remember. Sometimes entirely unintentionally, other times with my will firmly fixed on it and more recently, surrendered to the journey – whatever may or may not show up.


I have found that the surrender state is more easeful and the ability to relax into other dimensions and be not just an observer but a participant – is essential. Any form of manipulation from the standpoint of the ego will taint our travels if we wish to traverse the realms of spirit and of all potentiality.


The issue of being the participant is so important. I used to view as if in a dream state and would be separate, yet with a sense of belonging in the vision I was encountering – these days I find that I am intrinsically woven into the events of the other realms – perhaps a portion of my personal journey – perhaps a portion of all of our journey as One.

I have long been aware that I have a gift for reading energy – supremely empathic and highly intuitive – as with most of us, I saw these as faults for many years and didn’t accept nor honour them as the gifts they are. I now know the depth of blessing that I have in being able to tap into the energy spaces that exist away from the seen human world, and I know that we are all connected in these spaces as it is here that our 6th sense (and others!)  reaches into. Of course, it can give you goosebumps! Its the unknown and the unknown can bring on a sense of fear.. fear is a mind killer.. fear and pain attach us to this body.. when we can relax away from both pain and fear.. lean into love – we will travel astrally.

I share some of my experiences and hear many “me too!” responses.. as if its not such a big thing.. and I am left wondering just how many of us are travelling out there? Are you? … And BTW.. this is a BIG thing. To release from this physical body to travel out through the doors of human perception and on into the reality of the universes we can experience… I call that BIG 😉

My journey into the watery realm this past week has gifted me with a strong heart bond connection with a dragon!! I would have been cynical about this prior to my own travels.. and now I am sold on the existence of dragons – maybe not in this dimension.. but somewhere a heart beats for you, the strong unwavering heart of a dragon waiting to reconnect with you and your power. Being taken into this palace, this golden zone of experience is a sense of bliss like nothing else. It is a gift and not a prize.. this is a clue to your own connection.

Here we have in past times been beaten into submission of the 5 senses of this human – through the negative aspects of guilt and denial. holding us away from the truth of God. telling us that to worship anything but the version of god that you are told of is heretical – it is not. It is this that has created and continues to create the vibration of the paradigm we are currently experiencing – It has lead to some people using LSD and its kin to be able to access the other dimensions – we feel this pull strongly, as it is only whilst in this human form that we can experience this multiverse in this manner and so its essential we begin to move toward a more accepting mindset.

The inner-work is Acceptance, Forgiveness and Kindness. This doesn’t mean to run headlong into passively allowing bad behaviour from others or to forgive those who have damaged you in your past. This means to dig deep into your broken heart and love her or him,  whole again. Cracks, crevices and all. You are imperfectly perfect – exactly as you should be. This is not a time for manipulation but acceptance.

This is the first step on the journey to meet your dragon heart.


Much Love, ’till next time xx


New Years Resolutions – Day 5.. are they working for you? No? .. try this better method to tease out what you need to do….

New Year New You

A commonly held misconception – theres no need to change who you are – you’re perfect. Exactly as you should be. If you dont believe me, read that again, till you do.. 🙂

After you can reconcile your issues with who you are, its possible to move into acceptance, and from here you are able to create the daily life of your dreams. Many people use the new year to proactively choose things they would like to increase within themselves – often focusing on the things that actually they want to decrease and this focus brings more attention onto the unwanted and less of the wanted desired energy.

Whilst its really important to be aware of the negative – its simply a case of using an internal “delete key” and allowing the universe (multiverse, God, Source Energy.. fill with your desired belief)  to back fill with wanted useful energy – its not our job to select the energy, its our job to resonate and the universe will do the rest. So its good to know the stuff you don’t wish to have in your life so that you can delete it – excess weight, cigarettes and other unhealthy habits, being overly critical etc etc etc – once you are more aware of these unwanted and unneeded aspects you can begin to focus on MORE –  resonating with the stuff that makes you feel good. That is THE most important thing whenever you are looking to improve or make any changes to yourself and your life experience – How does it FEEL… this is the resonance and this is what the universe will match – so you can read a proverb that you believe in, you can say the words daily – and both of those are worthy in their own right as a part of the journey – “Fake It Till You Make It” is a superbly useful tool – but making it is feeling it. Until you really feel the energy of the desire, it can not manifest – and herein lies the reason behind so many people giving up on things like the law of attraction – because they pin up the vision board, they read the books, they work on developing a healthy internal conversation – but none of this can be worth it unless you can feel the change.

What does “feel the change” look like?

Good question! Take a reading of you energy right now.. If bliss and joy are 100 and depression and misery is 0 – where do you sit right now? Write it down.

Now pay attention to these questions and really use your imagination focusing solely on these questions, do not allow other thoughts to steal your experience.. Allow them to roll in, and roll out again while you concentrate on answering just these questions..  – What’s your favourite food? …. Is it hot or cold? … Does it have a strong scent? …. What colour is it? …….When its served, is it on a plate and do you use cutlery or fingers to consume it? …What texture is it?…. How long does it take you to eat it completely?  Now, reassess your energy reading .. For most of us, it will have increased, notice that increase, albeit slight for some, it is nonetheless an increase, and a repeated increase in your energy vibration is the “feeling” you are looking to have more and more of in your daily life and this will lead to untold riches in all areas of your life.

Back to the original point of this – New Year New You! Delay or better, delete setting yourself up for a fall and use this system to clearly define and pin point exactly what you desire – and how to achieve it.

Within a mediative state – you will feel relaxed and comfortable – any thoughts of the outside world can wait, you can safely relax and give your full attention to this.  Pick an area of your life that you’d like to see an improvement in. Love life, Career, Friendships, Adventure, Money, any one area at all that you think there is room for improvement.  You can use this, and I suggest that you do, for every area of your life .. just pick one at a time. Theres no rush. You’ve a whole year of excellence ahead of you.

For this example I am going to pick – love life – Once in a relaxed state, using your breath to bring your focus inwards – allowing all thoughts to quieten, mind chatter to decrease and your body feeling relaxed and supported.  See yourself engaged in an activity you love – something that brings a smile to your face, this may be reading a good book, surfing, skiing, walking in the countryside, anything at all that you really enjoy doing.. Now using your imagination, describe the qualities of the perfect partner for you – is he/she talkative, excitable, or quiet and a great listener, maybe a bit of it all.. Imagine each quality as you relax and if your mind wanders off to whats for dinner or did I lock the car… release it with your out breath, allow your mind to relax and trust you will deal with any real issue once you have finished with this process.. Let the thought roll out again. Imagine how you will feel looking into the mirror as you greet yourself each morning – knowing that your perfect partner and real true love is in abundance in your life – how does that feel? Now go through your perfect day, focussing on your love life (or any other area) Imagine each moment filled with the feelings that you crave and desire.. It feels wonderful.

Day dream this perfect day for as long as you feel you need to – giving very little attention to other thoughts and feelings – especially negative ones, guilt and worthlessness do not serve you in any way – so use the internal delete key – imagine you simply, easily and quickly delete the unwanted emotion, don’t worry about why it is there, who or what invoked it – really is not important. Feelings of love, loving another person and being loved – thats what this process is all about, thats whats important right now.

When you feel ready, take several deep breaths and begin to move out of your imagination, deliberately ask your left brain to get to work – using the information from your day dream – request several NEXT ACTIONS that will be steps towards bringing your day dream into your reality.

Write these next actions down immediately – and by actions, be specific. Small and easy to achieve.. For example

1. Go to the shops and buy a book and pen that is dedicated to journalling.

2. Ring the hair salon and make an appointment – when I feel good about my appearance I feel more confident

3. Say YES more.

These are just three simple things – in trusting your left brain to come up with solutions and then carrying them out –  results in more and more great ideas as your mind can trust that you will deliver action. Thats another reason to pick just a few actions in the beginning – don’t overwhelm yourself. And if you are flooded with great ideas, just pick the easy ones, ones that are so simple you bearly have to think about doing them.. But DO do them….

Now you have created something far better than “New Year Resolutions” that are often broken before the end of January – you have a list of actions taking you step by step, easily and in a fun way towards the perfect vision of your life..

I can’t wait to hear how this goes for you …

With love x

Psychic Development – use your imagination!

“Imagination is everything.  It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” – Albert Einstein 

Its long been known that our imaginations are the creative powerhouse of the human race and without imagination thoughts cannot become things – And things can mean ANYTHING you can imagine ….

Freeing your imagination will support your psychic and spiritual growth as your imagination and your psychic abilities are very close together and you can use one to support the other – they are intertwined. This is one of the reasons critics question psychic abilities as they can feel their own imagination fire up – just thinking about what being psychic means – and so it causes judgments too quickly and often negatively to allow the left brain – the devoted servant of the right brain – to provide what is requested. Often riding on the back of fear – pick a fear any fear, it doesn’t really matter as its always based in personality, fear of failure, fear of “looking” silly, fear of others opinions etcetera. A cynical, unaccepting mind will not allow space for new thoughts and ideas, sadly being cynical brings us more of the same, and trying to install new information into a cynical space is very difficult and remains a fully human thing, rarely stepping into our spiritual nature at all – whereas, to open your mind and heart is to be open to anything, and to be open means your essential self can and will step forward into your awareness – your instincts and thoughts will turn towards all good things, you will begin to trust yourself, love yourself and from here – anything is possible.

I don’t often focus on the cynical side – but its always worth remembering that where there is light, there is dark and its important to honour that some people question everything and this can lead to worry and other negative thoughts and emotions – and whilst its good to question, query and wonder, please don’t stop wondering and questioning with the first thought, especially if it is crippling to an idea which you find fascinating. Be guided by this fascination and keep on pushing through the negative “answers” accept they are not the final answer, just one possible answer – Many of us stop at the first negative thought, but do keep going – do push passed the negative, keep asking the next question, allow yourself unlimited access to the astral plane – This is where all there is and has been and ever will be is “stored” and at the very least, if not stored, it is available to our conscious minds, here is Devine inspiration, new thoughts and ideas – imagine it as an enormous hard drive with unlimited disc space and quite literally, out of this world performance speeds.

Keep allowing your imagination to fly, don’t clip your own wings with harsh in-the-box thinking. Be kind to yourself, and you will reap the rewards.

Imagination and Psychic Exercises 

Get comfortable. Close your eyes

Always start with 3 deeps breaths, count them – take a deep breath in & hold for a moment then slowly release and then blow away the out breath – twice more – be sure to concentrate fully on your breathing only.

In this relaxed state – imagine a table, small round table with a cloth on the top – add a vase of flowers – yellow flowers. Now your imagination is working, You’ve created a picture – even if you can’t see it, for those of you who psychic gifts are not strongly clairvoyant (meaning “to see”) then allow your other senses to guide you –  sense the height of table, the delicate vase, the vibrancy of the yellow flowers.

It is here that you can invite your psychic sense in – see or sense the table in fine detail, now take your attention away from the table briefly and return to it to find another object there. This is from somewhere other than your conscious mind – if you repeatedly set yourself up to introduce something onto the table from your own thoughts, it can become difficult – but keep going, until you can allow the blank moment between fully focusing on the detailed picture you have created and the input of your psychic sense.

That “blank moment” is where you allow your spiritual self to move forward – your human mind can relax back, and your spirit can guide you by stepping into your “imagination”.

As a spiritual being, you are entirely safe to delve into your imagination and to trust your psychic senses – more than safe, you are actually supposed to be doing this, as much as you should take exercise to keep your physical body strong, your spiritual body too needs attention, and this simple exercise will begin that process.   Sometimes fear based images may occur – as humans we have a use for fear in survival instances, as spiritual beings, we have no use for fear. If a negative image occurs – do not engage with it, simply shrink down the image to the size of a postage stamp – then again using your imagination, blow it away, out over an imaginary horizon where it will be deconstructed and recycled across all time and dimensions of the multiverse. You may find that a similar image will present itself – keep shrinking and blowing it away until the real reason behind this image is obvious to you – You need not do anything more than shrink it and send it away to be recycled, no longer attached to you or having an effect on your life. Allow the emotions that surface to be honoured, don’t stifle them. If you need to cry, do so.. be kind to yourself without pity. May be the emotion that has surfaced is anger – just let it well up, and ebb away again without feeding it. Feeding it means thinking about things that increase the emotion, instead just allow it to exist.

On the other hand, its very likely you will begin to experience feelings of happiness and contentment, not wishing to stop the mediation/imagination exercise – feed these feelings, allow them to permeate throughout your entire self and your surroundings – indulge and delight in your delicious warmth and strength from the connection with your spirit.

When you are ready, take another deep breath and open your eyes – stretch and yawn. Lastly, smile. All the time you have spent within your imagination, and connecting with your psychic senses is time your brain has had with full and unlimited access to the astral plane.

Have fun and play with your imagination as you did when you were a child. This is simply a case of remembering – you were born with this skill, somewhere along the line you believed grown-ups don’t need imagination, so you stop using it – it became weak and fairly useless – bring awareness back into your existence and enjoy your amazing human mind through your beautiful spiritual nature.


Merry Mabon! The Best time for an “Emotion Weed”

Merry Mabon! Blessings be.. and all that lark… here it is,

The Autumn Equinox – what can we do with the available energy and why….

The energy of 2014 is beginning to wane and the new energy of the coming year is surfacing. The energy will slow a little – it’s a time to catch our breath and seek balance.

This year really has sped by, and with it drama and unsettled energies have been rife – don’t hang onto that – let it go – release it to be recycled by the universe and allow the fresh new energy to begin to swell and rise up.

The lessons learned from this past year are valuable and worthy – do not dismiss them as you will need the knowledge and wisdom you’ve gained to steer the course towards calmer waters from now on.

So today – the 23rd September 2014 – Autumn is underway, the trees are reacting accordingly and so can you – its the best time to turn over a new leaf. Take a pen and paper, some matches and a safe place to have a small fire – an open fire outside is best – but failing that – a large saucepan will work equally well – placed on a heat proof pad on the kitchen side board next to the taps/sink in case of emergency! Or use the sink itself.

Spend 5 minutes writing down all that has “happened” to you this year, things that you felt were totally out of your control and if you feel that there was a choice, you’d not have chosen for any of them to happen! FIVE minutes only.. go….

Now.. take your matches and light the paper, you can use a candle if you wish – burn each of these unwanted feelings/emotions and happenings! Whilst they burn say in your mind, or out loud…

“Thank you, thank you for the experience of my life – Thank you for the lessons I am learning and take with me into my best future.”

Imagine your written words being taken up by the universe and recycled across all time and space – all dimensions – leaving you with only the valuable positive emotions. If any feelings of anger, loss, pity, resentment, jealousy or any other negative emotion remains – let it go – as these are the emotions to recycle, these are not the lessons, but carry the lessons to us.

Once all of these negative, unwanted emotions have been recycled, you’ve opened up a huge space within yourself – negative energy is costly and large! – This space you can now dedicate to more positive and useful energies.

Spend some time – as long as you like, 5 minutes or 5 hours – dreaming up your best future. Write down these hopes and dreams – be sure to do so as if they are a certainty and absolutely will happen.
ie. Thank you for the wonderful Christmas in December 2014, organized, fun and relaxed. Or Thank you for the amazing party/relaxing down time (whichever you prefer) over new year 2014/15 – I am excited and open to new people, events and experiences coming into my life. Thank you.
Obviously these are just examples, you can write whatever you like – make it as personal, detailed and specific as you can – really feel how a great Christmas will feel, really feel how a wonderful new year, friends and experiences will feel – allow that warmth to spread across your body outwards from your heart chakra (if you aren’t familiar with chakras, think of it as a swirling ball of energy situated in the middle of your chest)
Once you have dreamed a great future for yourself – Light that fire again – and burn these wishes and intentions, release them into the great universe and know that they will return to you – feel a blissful detachment as you do so – safe in the knowledge the All Is Well. If you feel at all wobbly at the thought of burning your wishes and desires.. Repeat over and over in your mind as you do so “ALL IS WELL”

So now – we have all that there is – Now. The past is recycled – the future is exciting, now is the time you must hold and enjoy. Take 3 deep breaths, exhaling strongly, release all negativity and increasing full, wholesome energy as you inhale. You are perfectly imperfect, exactly as you should be – there’s nothing wrong with you – you do not need to be fixed. Be kind to yourself and show gratitude for your amazing body (even the wobbly/boney bits ☺ ) Gratitude for the chair/floor you’re sat upon. Gratitude for the people who have gone before that have left legacy’s for your comfort and piece of mind – the builders who built your home, the farmers who grew the food in your kitchen – etc etc.. The list goes on. Let if flow and allow the warmth of now to exist within you, just as you are. Perfect.

Congratulations – you’ve performed an emotion weed – as you would your wardrobe – clean out the unwanted, unworn things and keep just the stuff that’s useful or special.

Merry Mabon! Let cool crisp mornings and crunchy leaf walks commence … xx

Time and Tide Wait For No Man .. or woman for that matter.

SO, its agreed. We all only have 24 hours each day and of those same days we have 7 each week. No one has less, or more. We can choose how we spend this time, be it productively producing worthwhile and beneficial “stuff” for the world at large – or painstakingly desperately trying to develop our spirituality – maybe meditating daily… or should I say “having a nap!” as this is how it turns out for most of us.  Meditating, is of course worthy of its own post, and my take on it will be on my blog soon.

Back to time… or rather, the perception of how we spend it and therefore if we are making the most of it and for the purpose of this post.. in the hope to further your spiritual awareness and of course development.  Most people believe that to gain the level head of a buddist monk then years wearing an orange robe in the cold mountains of Nepal will definitely bring about the awareness and development we evolving humans have come to crave. This is not necessarily so – in the same way that “life hacks” are super successful little details to supporting us in getting the mundane jobs done and out of our brain and off the to-do list – its worth adding “spiritual hacks” into your existence as well. 

Fast track your spiritual awareness, develop your psychic ability become who you feel you are – Today. No need for years of study – stand on the shoulders of giants, take what others have learned, plant that in your psyche and grow from there.

I’m talking about learning to meditate usefully, bring your spiritual self and your human self closer, for a more brilliant human existence. You may as well do it now, and have the great life you decided to have before you came here!

Clearly this is really only going to support those of us who are keenly looking for ways to deepen our understanding, further our experience with spiritual energy.  So no dragging of non-thirsty horses here please! 😉

Brain Wave Entrainment – the rather scary name (sounds to me like brain washing!)  for use of music as an energy wave form to create replicated wave forms within our brain – in the same way that when 2 grand pianos are place in the same room and a key is struck on one the string on the other piano will also begin to resonate – our brains will copy the wave form and if we use wave forms known to be activated when those same monks, who have done all the hard work for us, are in a trance like state for instance – that brain wave format will then bring about the trance state in us non-monks. Very useful for great meditations 🙂


SO my quest is to find out who would like to learn more.. about psychic and spiritual awareness and development.. ? And I am creating an online hub for those of us wanting to join the Psychic Gym & Spiritual Spa .. let me know if you do… 🙂

How Important is Personal and Spiritual Growth?

I have been on a  journey for over a decade to deliberately travel through my personal space to discover who I am, who we all are and WHY? ! I believe I have found some answers, and these answers lead to more questions.. and that’s good.

Good, because we should keep questioning, keep searching, and never forget to stop and enjoy the exact experience we are delivering to ourselves in this very minute.  To me, this is growth, this is personal expansion. Deepening my understanding of myself and the space I exist within – to include the non-physical – is allowing the many connections (think Avatar) that we all have and are a part of –  to fire up.  Everyone is born with these connections in perfect working order – our parents and then wider society quickly block them off and stopper them.  With our best interests in mind, of course – this is not a deliberate act – but simply a program that’s running.  Personal and spiritual growth is re-writing that program.


Many people are attracted to the “non-physical” aspects – psychic  & spiritual area of ourselves – and with good reason. It is a valuable and worthy asset to any human to have good awareness of their personal psychic abilities  – But those of us with heightened sensitivities in these areas often find our human journey is stifled, difficult and often painful.  I believe that this need not be the case – and together we can eliminate some of the unwanted emotions – increasing the desired ones and build a strong understanding and link between our human and spiritual selves.  Of course, the less sensitive are unlikely to be interested in personal growth and even less, spiritual growth – generally they come at it from an entirely negative and closed point of view – So if its something you are interested in, its likely you are high on the sensitive scale and will benefit greatly from getting to know your human and spiritual self better.


So to me, YES – personal growth and Spiritual growth are hugely important – in looking to expand these areas my entire life becomes rich  – in all ways.

We have always known this – it’s just in more modern times we have forgotten.  In days of old we passed on information to each other and each generation in many ways, one of which is using “old wives tales” as we call them – and dismissing them as silly and unfounded in our modern era of left brain dominance, has cost us.  Old fashioned values are important and a perfect way for humans to pass down nuggets of great wisdom – easily remembered. One that sticks out in my mind is this..


Count your blessings

At least daily and if possible more often.  Deliberatly, purposefully count 1 to 10 and imagine in great details the things that are in your life that you love and are grateful for.  I have found that gratitude for what I have right now will bring me more of the same experience.  And if you cant believe that at the moment think of your daily session of blessings counting as nothing more than a heartwarming few moments remembering the things that we each have in our lives that are things we cherish – this can only be a good thing!  So even if you feel that you have nothing going for you – “is this it?” in your mind… Count your blessings daily.


“I am an eternal optimist….. I don’t see any point in being anything else”

Winston Churchill


Knowledge of our spiritual roots and connection creates a flowing, wonderful human existence.  Brings us closer to loved ones who are no longer Earth side, allows Devine guidance and personal spiritual awareness with certainty.


Why would anyone wish to NOT grow?